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Tria 4X LaserThe Tria 4X laser comes with a carrying case, battery charger, skin sensor, instructions manual and FAQ guide. As with all hair removal lasers, please read and understand directions before using. Tria uses a diode laser with five intensity settings. It comes with free shipping, free returns, 60-day money back guarantee & 1 year warranty. Tria 4X laser starts at $399.

The Tria 4X Hair Remover requires an initial charge before use. After charging, the built in skin sensor verifies your skin color is appropriate for a laser. If the sensor blinks green, you’re ready to go! If it blinks red, your skin is too dark and you should not use the Tria. Only very dark skin will turn the sensor red. Tria recommends you do a test of one flash on an area you wish to treat. After 24 hours, if the test area shows no irritation, you’re ready to begin.

To begin hair removal, shave the area you wish to treat. Do not wax or use any method that pulls hair from the follicle as the pigment in the hair and hair root are what the laser will be heating. Place the Tria directly on your skin and and wait for a beep. Hold the unit in place until you hear a second beep meaning this section is completed and you can move on to the next area. Repeat these steps until the entire area has been covered. Treating both legs takes approximately 1 hour.

Some Tria Laser users will feel a slight tingling sensation during use. After treatment, a sensation like a light sunburn may be present. You may also see redness, swelling and dry, flaking skin. Any discomfort usually dissipates within 24 hours.


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The Silk’n Flash & Go Express is a corded style that includes four extra lamps, instructional DVD, and a FAQ manual that should be read before use. Silk’n Flash & Go uses IPL technology with 5 comfort settings. As a safety measure, for the first 50 zaps, the Silk’n only uses the lowest setting. After that, the next 200 only go to level three. After that, you can use any setting you like. This unit comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee and an optional payment plan. You can also purchase replacement lamps here. Silkn $239

The Silk’n works like other light based hair removers with the same preparation steps. See “Preparing For Laser Hair Removal“.

You’ll notice the Silk’n has a very large treatment area (1 in. by 1.25 in.) compared to the Tria 4X (Top of page). This makes each treatment very fast with both legs taking 20-30 minutes. As with a laser, users report a tingling sensation during treatment. This tingling can last a few hours after use and feels like a light sunburn.

Silk’n is middle of the road as far as price and by far the fastest unit with consistent results. Consider that the IPL lamps require periodic replacement and cost about $30 each. You should consider buying additional cartridges/lamps when you purchase your kit as they can be included at a substantial discount. Each cartridge lasts 750 flashes equal to 4-5 complete applications to both legs.

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Venus Silk ExpertThe Venus Silk Expert Hair Remover is manufactured by Braun/Gillette company. It uses IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) as its light source. A pulse of intense light transfers heat to the hair root through the skin that destroys the hair root leading to permanent hair removal.

The Venus Silk Expert has three modes. Normal mode is maximum power and light intensity, gentle mode that uses a lower light level and extra gentle mode which is the lowest intensity level. All 3 modes automatically adjust to fit your skin type using SensoAdapt skin tone sensor taking the guess work out of using the Venus.

Venus Silk Expert is light and easy to hold. Simple to use, you can begin your first treatment immediately. The Venus works exactly like the Silk’n (above) using Intense Pulsed Light to kill the hair root by heating the follicle with light energy. Venus Silk Expert’s treatment window is the same size as the Silk’n Flash and Go meaning treatment times are the same. The Venus is an excellent choice for hair removal as the technology is proven effective and the cost is very reasonable often falling below the $250 mark.

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